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One thing I know for sure, divorce sucks!
I have been there.
I also know how vital it is to have someone who
understands and supports with compassion.

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About Julie

I am an Expert Life Coach

I specialize in helping women who are trying their best to keep their life together on the outside, but are silently struggling on the inside. They feel alone, exhausted, confused, frustrated, inadequate, and misunderstood.

And, they fear the thought of completely “losing it” one day.

Do I have experience with this? Oh, YES!

In 2003 I was in their shoes! I know how it feels to reach that “cracking” point and the need to have someone to talk to. I needed someone who was compassionate and understanding, but, more important, CONFIDENTIAL.

With this personal experience, along with hours of training and education through the years, I am an Expert Life Coach who created proprietary programs and a coaching style. My passion is to help women by teaching everlasting life skills so they can stop the inner turmoil, transform their mindset, and regain control of their life.

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I sought out your services when I was feeling really low and had very little self confidence or self love. Before working with you my biggest challenge was having confidence in myself, my knowledge and my abilities. After working with you I’ve gained more self confidence, I love myself and I am more positive. I am a happier person in general and stand up for myself!

Here is an awesome story: My husband and I were getting into a heated discussion on work stuff and he says “You need to Julie-Martin-enhance-your chi” and I said “What you mean” and he replied “Well, isn’t that what you are learning from her?”

After my divorce I was totally lost and felt worthless. Julie helped me to be still and start to understand my emotions, rediscover my worth and find my passion for life again. She showed me how to let go of the false beliefs I had and the idea of the life I had lost, then I found the lesson of it all. I now am honest about my truth and can hold my head up and be excited about what I want in the next chapter of my life. I came in to this as a victim of my circumstances and I now have accountability for my part and I let them take responsibility for theirs.

Thank you Julie!




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Julie is here and ready to help.

“I am not what happened to me,
I am what I chose to become”
~Carl Jung

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