You CAN do it!

You CAN do it!

You can do it!

When was the last time you believed in yourself?

Too often, our thoughts fill our minds with doubt.

Past experiences, current belief systems or even close friends can trigger feelings of questioning whether or not we can do it.

Every moment of every day is an opportunity to turn around our thoughts and take steps towards success.

Yes, you CAN do it~

Life Inspired

Life Inspired

Hello, and welcome to my first EVER blog post!

Life inspires me.

Every day there are experiences that can be construed as typical, routine, bothersome, frustrating, frustrating…….. can you see where this is going?

So today, while I was going out to lunch, the roads were crazy busy, lots of people hustling about, cars honking at one another, everyone in a hurry to “get somewhere”.

Instead of becoming a contributor to this situation I decided to take a step back and re-examine it.

Suddenly a huge smile (and a chuckle) came over me.  I just LOVED the feeling of so much energy!

Too often we try to push against this energy instead of observing, understanding and embracing it.

It truly became a delightful travel experience.

What about you?  What inspired you today?