The Dignified Divorcee Personal Coaching Program

Become whole again and hold your head up high!
What I have learned…

By taking simple baby steps you can…

✓ Regain control of your life
✓ Embrace the new you
✓ Create your safe space
✓ See your future with enthusiasm
✓ Fall in love with you
Be dignified

Simple sounds absolutely fabulous…

First, I need to clear a few things up.
Remember I spoke earlier of my family and friends who told me “Time heals all wounds”


Therapists who left me confused with no direction…. For weeks at a time!

I am not them…
I am different…
I am in this with you.
I will support you.
I will have compassion
I know and feel what you are going through 100%.
I will not judge you.
I will respect you at all times.
I will teach you effective life skills.
I will…

Get you results!
I am ready to help you…
Are you ready to help you?

Are you ready to feel…

✓ understood
✓ focused
✓ supported
✓ empowered
✓ balanced
✓ self acceptance
✓ self love
✓ hopeful
✓ inner strength
✓ healthy
✓ peaceful
✓ joy
✓ excited about your future
✓ whole again


Are you excited?


This project is designed for women, devastated by divorce,
who want and need to feel whole again.


From the bottom of my heart, I get it. I have been there and I can help you, trust me 😊

That is why I took my experience of growth and transformation and created The Dignified Divorcee Personal Coaching Project.

First, when you follow my steps…

You will feel like a weight has been lifted.

You will have the support of someone who has been there.

You will feel transformed.

You will create a clear outlook for your future.

Second, and really awesome…

You will have a personal “tool kit for life”, full of life skills to use forever!

Sounds incredible, right?

And, that is what The Dignified Divorcee Personal Coaching Project is all about…

It gives you simple steps and a personal “tool kit” of life skills that will change your life, forever.


What to do next…

So, here’s the question…

What is your investment to join me in The Dignified Divorcee Personal Coaching Project… and take the steps to feel whole again?

Well, this project hasn’t been available to the general public, ever…

Only those in my Inner Circle have been able to access it.

And, I am not going to sugarcoat this and tell you it is a low level investment.

You are worth more than that, right?

But, if you are still reading this, you feel deeply that you need it.

Can I be honest?

Can I be straight up with you?

Read this slowly, and let this sink in…

If you could have done this on your own…

You would have.

Make sense?

This is why I am so passionate about this project.

Too many women have spent valuable time doing it alone and not getting the results they desire.

I need to reach as many women as possible.

That is why I am offering this gift.

I am offering this to you at a savings of over 42%!


Here’s what you get by joining
The Dignified Divorcee Personal Coaching Project


✓ 9 Specifically designed Modules

Transformative lessons
Personal Growth Worksheets
Lively Challenges

✓ 9 Personal Coaching Calls (after each Module)

✓ Private facebook group. Dignified Divorcee Inner Circle

✓ One year access to this project

YES! Once you join, the course is yours 24/7, 365 days!

Sounds fabulous, right?

Everything I have included for you is valued at $3,447.

But, like I said earlier, helping women struggling to become whole again is my passion!

And, I will not let you pay this amount. You deserve more than that…


So, I am offering this incredible transformation at a savings of over 42%!

Yes, that is not only what I WANT to do,

It is what I NEED to do.

This exclusive offer is only offered to those ladies that are ready to step up and take action.

Are you ready?

Here is what I have for you…

Your investment in your transformation is only a one-time payment of $1,997.

This is my gift to you.

But, I have more for you!

When you choose to Pay in Full you get more goodies…

✓ A Kick Start Call with Julie
✓ Extra Special Gift for joining (super special)

I hope you are getting super excited…

Are you?

I have put so much into this offer!