Do you ever have those days when it seems like ALL automation has taken the day off?

I had one of those days.  We are so used to everything operating perfectly and sooooooo fast.

Think about it.  How many times do we use devices and EXPECT them to work quickly and without fail?

In fact, we pretty much expect EVERYTHING to work just as we want it to.

This applies not only to operating devices but to relationships as well. I encourage you to take time and reflect on how many things you expect to run automatically without glitches. And, do not limit yourself to machines only.

This applies to friendships, relationships, business co-workers, family, children………..

You get the picture.

“Un-automation” is the beautiful moment to stop pushing something to work, take a step back, breathe, make adjustments, or just let it rest before trying to make it work the way YOU want it to.


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